312 W. Marion Street
Shelby, North Carolina 28150

Phone: 704-480-5569

21st Century Community Learning Centers

James Love Elementary, Marion Elementary, Shelby Intermediate, Shelby Middle, Shelby High

These centers provide a range of high-quality services to support student learning and development. These services include, but are not limited to: tutoring, mentoring, independent study, homework assistance, academic enrichment, community service opportunities, music, art, college tours, field trips and cultural activities. 21st Century Community Learning Centers provide support services after school four days per week and limited services during the school day. They follow the same CIS Model and offer many of the same service options as other intermediate and middle school sites, but offer more intensive after-school services. ALL CIS programs offer a safe environment for students during non-school hours.

7 Sophia Bowser, Student Support Coach- Shelby Intermediate School

3 Alvin Hopper, Student Support Coach- Shelby Middle School

   Stacey Spicer, Student Support Coach- Marion Elementary School


 Shannon Gordon, Interim Student Support Coach- James Love Elementary School

Robin Bamberg, Student Support Coach-Shelby High School




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